Quality + Sustainability

At Kanyaboli Trading we seek to sustain farm resources and its community engagement by promoting farming practices and methods that are profitable, environmentally sound and sustainable to the local community’s wellbeing. Animal welfare, environmental protection and responsible natural resource management: all three are essential if we are to continue producing enough food in the future for a rapidly growing global population.

We do this by ensuring that our operations and processes are:

  • Economically Viable: If it is not profitable, it is not sustainable.
  • Socially Supportive: The quality of the farm, workers and the community is important.
  • Ecologically Sound. We must preserve the resource base that sustains us all.

Some of the aspects Kanyaboli Trading has put into play include the following:

Employee & Community Engagement

We have a highly skilled and well-trained group of employees. Our enthusiastic employees thrive in our values based, performance-driven culture and are passionate about being the best in their work.

Improved flavour and Produce Quality

Through grafting technologies on our produce and interbreeding of best quality livestock breeds – ensures not only do we get the best in production but the quality and yield of our products also improves a great deal.

Farm Energy and Sustainability Concerns

We have installed solar energy at the Kanyaboli farm to mitigate and supplement our power requirements and to tap into this natural and clean energy to run our operations. Plans are in place to venture into Biogas production to add onto our energy grid.

Wildlife and Biodiversity

Through setting up Kanyaboli Conservancy, we hope to improve the general sustainability of the 890+ acres the Kanyaboli farm sits on. With approvals from the Kenya Wildlife Service to introduce sustainable wildlife into the conservancy, this will see the public coming in to do nature walks, and retreats at the Kanyaboli farm, in turn creating employment opportunities for the locals and help improve the economic status of the Siaya County.

Water, Soil Nutrients and Pest Management

Water is very crucial for any successful farming to take place. Despite fronting the Lake Kanyaboli, we practice sustainable water management systems through drip irrigation on our farm – that way we utilize our water needs in a more resourceful way.

All the manure we collect from our livestock, chicken, goats goes to replenishing the nutrients of the farm thus assisting us maintain an organic environment of production. At the same time we use the urine and manure from our rabbits to add nutrients to the soil system but more importantly keep away any pests from the farm. This helps us to sustain a healthy and high quality yield for our produce.